Auxiliary By-Law Change Proposed

The following by-law addition will be voted on at the next regular meeting of the Auxiliary, scheduled for 7:00 pm. August 17th.

Section 3.6   Whereby the By-Laws of the Auxiliary so provide, a Beneficial M ember who has been a member of the Auxiliary for thirty (30) years or more, has reached the age of sixty-five (65) years or over, and has retired from business or employment, or is drawing a public or private pension or retirement pay, may apply to the Auxiliary for exemption from further payment of dues.  If the Auxiliary approves her application, it may authorize the Secretary to issue to her an official receipt stating such exemption and designating her as a “Golden Age Eagle.”

Such member, upon receiving such official receipt, is not required to pay further dues to the Auxiliary, which shall pay her dues to the Auxiliary from the General Fund, but the Local Auxiliary may provide in its By-Laws that such member shall pay applicable Per Capita taxes.  Such member shall have all rights of a paid-up Beneficial Member except that she shall not be entitled to sick or disability benefits while holding such official receipt.  As provided in Section 2.9, inclusive, Rules and Regulations for the Government of Ladies Auxiliaries, or laws amendatory thereof.

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